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Seahawks beat Saints! [UPDATE #2]


Everyone was wrong. Matt was awesome. Marshawn was a beast. Now, all the Hawks need to do is beat the Bears and have the Packers beat the Falcons and they play for the NFC Championship at Qwest. Let’s do it.

UPDATE: This just in. A prediction from Carl of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Btw, Redhook does not support Carl’s prediction. Not saying Redhook disagrees with it. But he doesn’t support it. Go Seahawks!

****Original Post****

By now, you’ve probably heard that in a recent Seattle Times poll, a majority of voters were hoping the Seahawks would lose last Sunday’s game versus the Rams. Apparently, those wusses preferred a higher draft pick to a feared “one and done” playoff appearance.

Having been born in Seattle, Redhook is sickened by this attitude””as are the loyal fans above.

Just to be perfectly clear, Redhook is rooting for the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks to beat the New Orleans Saints this weekend. All the Hawks need to do to finish the season with a winning record is to win four straight games, including the Super Bowl. No problem.

The only question is, who should the Seahawks start at quarterback?

Matt Hasselbeck led the Seahawks to the Superbowl in 2005. But in recent years he’s struggled with injuries and inconsistent play. This year alone, he’s thrown 17 interceptions and has lost six fumbles. Backup QB Charlie Whitehurst hasn’t blown anyone away with his stats, but he did lead Seattle to victory over the Rams with some fairly solid play.

So how do we decide which man is better suited for the job? Well, if it comes down to hair, Matt is in big trouble. Case in point:

Redhook’s girlfriend took one look at Charlie on TV and not-so-innocently asked, “Hmm. Who’s he?” Not sure what to make of that. Actually, Redhook is completely sure what to make of that. Not cool, honey.

Hair aside, Redhook suspects the team will start Hasselbeck. It’s the easiest way for all parties to save face. Still, Matt will be on a short leash. An interception or two, and it might just turn into the Barry Gibb, er, Charlie Whitehurst Show.

Good luck to the Hawks this weekend. Redhook will be at the stadium. And hopefully, he’ll also be watching the game with you.

  • Porter

    Why are you so delicious ESB?

  • Redhook

    I thank you for your kind words. I hope you enjoy a Redhook ESB or three while watching the Seahawks tomorrow.


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