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A beer truck with two wheels.

Redhook Dutchbike Beer RackIf you’ve ever wanted to deliver beer, but didn’t want to study for your class A commercial driver’s license, this is your ride.

Redhook recently found out about an amazing bike, and on Friday we got a chance to test ride the Azor Transport from Dutch Bike Seattle. The Transport is a practically indestructible Dutch-made utility bicycle designed to move heavy stuff from point A to point B. It also happens to make a great a zero-emission Redhook delivery vehicle, although it’s capable of carrying anything from a load of bricks to a basket of puppies on its burly steel rack.

Redhook Dutch Bike

We strapped a case of Redhook ESB over the front wheel and took the Transport around the block. The first thing we noticed is how incredibly stable this bike is. When you turn the handlebars, your uh… “˜cargo’ doesn’t shift ““ it’s attached to the frame, not the handlebars. It also looks really cool. And by cool, we mean badass.

Rolling down the block with a case of ESB in plain view, there was a certain sense of liberation. We caught a few envious glances from thirsty workmen in contractor vans, and smiles from fellow cyclists.

Redhook Dutch Biker

The Azor Transport is available through Dutch Bike Seattle, where David, Fritz and the other staff will be happy to put you behind the handlebars of your very own beer delivery vehicle, complete with brass bell.

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