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A Salute To Dad and Mangenuity.

Redhook’s dad taught him lots of things. How to build a fire. How to respond to an unprovoked attack. How to be polite. And that eating meals directly from the pot you cooked them in cuts down on dishes. All valuable lessons.

Dad also taught Redhook that finishing a job meant cleaning up your mess. Things like putting away your tools, sweeping up sawdust or wiping up blood after you’ve taught someone a much-needed lesson. Which brings us to BP.

Dudes, 59 days and counting? Get it together already and plug that leak. And once you do, consider bringing in these guys with their dad-like ingenuity to help clean up the Gulf:

Nice idea, gentlemen. Thanks for sharing. We wish you and all the other dads out there with lessons to teach a Happy Father’s Day.

  • Scott

    One of the BEST IPA’s ever and my handsdown favorite .. just wish it was on sale more often :)

    My goal .. to make a IPA just like Long Hammer :)

    Then life will be complete :)


  • 42ld520

    Hah, great personality redhook. I like the blood stained shirt.

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