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Amazing Video Is A Metaphor for Redhook’s Bracket

Explosions, mayhem, gunfire, destruction.

That sums up Redhook’s bracket after the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. Kansas? Georgetown? ‘Nova? Vandy? Temple? Wisconsin? Pitt? All gone, along with most of America’s tournament pool entry fees.

The Four Great Underdogs of 2010 as not predicted by Nostradamus

Still, Redhook’s own bracket aside, it’s hard to be too bummed when underdogs are taking down powerhouses. Northern Iowa shocked Kansas and everyone else. St. Mary’s took out Villanova. Cornell (a freakin’ Ivy League school) beat Wisconsin. And Redhook’s hometown boys, the University of Washington, beat Marquette on a last second shot, before completely running New Mexico out of the building.

Quincy Pondexter auditions for an NBA gig

Note to both Joe Lunardi and Seth Davis: the U-Dub wants an apology from both of you for saying they didn’t belong. Redhook won’t be buying either of you beers any time soon.

Good luck to the Dawgs and to the underdogs left in the tournament. No predictions this week. It’s too embarrassing. But you should hit the Forecasters Pub at the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville for game day specials on pints and apps.

Lastly, a special note to Asian cinema buff Andrew from Minneapolis. Redhook thanks you for suggesting the action-packed video that leads off this post. We hope your girlfriend’s rash clears up soon.

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