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Bragging is so not cool.

Hollywood is famous for its overly-long, self-congratulatory awards shows filled with gushing, crying and tiresome speeches.

Advertising is very similar in that regard. Ad folks love to give themselves awards and then tell anyone who will listen about these awards. “Hey did you hear about these awesome awards I won? Follow me. I have a shrine where I like to display them.” Anyway, that’s kind of what we’re doing right now.

Redhook did well at last night’s Seattle ADDY Awards, garnering one Gold and five Silver awards for his efforts in print, outdoor, radio, cinema and online advertising. Below, you’ll see a wonderful collage of some of Redhook’s award-winning work composed of low-res camera phone photos of the show book. Nothing but the best for Bloghook.

Yes, great fun was had by all last night and, from all reports, there was no crying.

Now, start thinking about those brackets.

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