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“Dag!” from Redhook

Or, in case your Flemish is a bit rusty, “Hello,” from Redhook.

That’s right. In an attempt to be more worldly, Redhook has decided to spotlight one of his favorite countries: Belgium.

Most of you may be wondering what a nondescript nation like Belgium offers. So Redhook took the liberty of compiling a list of Belgium’s best.

1. Waffles ““ As pancakes’ crunchier cousins, waffles mean business. When your significant other is making waffles, be prepared. Either you’re getting married or getting dumped.

2. Chocolate ““ As disturbing as this image is, Redhook knows you’ve thought about it before.

3. Smurfs ““ That’s right, these blue pygmies are a product of Belgium. And to settle it once and for all, tighty-whities.

4. Jean-Claude van Damme ““ The Muscles from Brussels himself. Ever since Bloodsport, Redhook has truly been a fan of Mr. van Damme. Redhook challenges you to try finding an image of Jean-Claude with his shirt on.

5. Evil Geniuses ““ Belgium is the home of a deranged shop owner and self-proclaimed inventor of the question mark, who’s probably most famous for fathering Dr. Evil.

6. Beer ““ Perhaps, the best and most renowned Belgium export is its beer. Redhook celebrates Belgium’s unique flavor and style with two sessions at Belgianfest this Saturday, January 22. The first session begins at noon until 4 pm and the second session picks up at 5:30 pm until 9:00 pm. Both will feature Redhook’s own Limited Release Dubbel Hook.

So, the next time someone asks what good comes from Belgium, you can impress them with your vast array of international knowledge. Just don’t forget to mention the beer. Cheers.

  • FlemishGuy

    The post is pretty spot on with all of the great things from belgium! Especially van Damme and his shirtless escapades!

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