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Does air travel now require junk touching?

Redhook thinks this new video from Next Media Animation does a nice job of capturing the current zeitgeist as it relates to personal liberties.

As amusing as the above video may be, the issue is no joke. The increased TSA scrutiny has travelers, pilots and both lefties and righties crying foul.

There was, of course, John Tyner’s much publicized video from a couple of weeks ago. And earlier this month, the US Airline Pilots Association issued this this letter to pilots in support of their concerns about the TSA’s new screening methods:

Fortunately, even though National Opt Out Day was scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving, it didn’t result in the major cluster everyone feared, but at least it got people talking about the issues of personal privacy and airline safety. Okay, enough on that.

If you’re traveling this holiday season, Redhook hopes you travel safely. And if you’re delayed, he sincerely hopes your airport bar has Redhook on tap.

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