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Drunk People Do Stupid Things

Man, oh, man. People do dumb things when they drink too much. Take this Australian dude who tried to ride a crocodile. Even after getting chunks bitten out of his leg by the angry croc, he returned to the bar for more brew. For the record, Redhook does not approve of this behavior.

But we try not to judge. The guy clearly has a problem. And honestly, who among us doesn’t have his or her own tales of drunken foolishness? Redhook has more than a few friends who have walked the walk of shame after waking up next to someone they barely know. In case you’ve mentally blocked out what that felt like, check out this favorite from a few years ago:

All of which leads us to our featured movie at Redhook’s Moonlight Cinema on August 5.

If you haven’t seen it, The Hangover is a hilarious, cautionary tale of what can go wrong when four dudes combine Vegas, a bachelor party, alcohol and roofies. Settle down, that’s not a spoiler.

Anyway, should be a great time at the Woodinville Brewery. If you come out, please drink responsibly. And if you’re here and you start feeling like you want to ride a crocodile, talk to a hostess and we’ll call you a cab.

We hope to see you here.

Here’s a peek at the rest of our Moonlight Cinema schedule:

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