Seattle Humane Pets & Pints Patio Party

Cute dogs, up for adoption! And beer, on the patio! 

Join us as we welcome Seattle Humane to Brewlab for our Pets & Pints Patio Party! They are bringing their mobile adoption van to Brewlab along with adorable dogs looking for a new home. You'll be able to meet and greet all of the furry friends up for adoption on our patio. 

Who knows, you just might meet your new best friend... Like Zissou here. He's not up for adoption (sorry) but he did come from an adoption shelter. He's a husky/retriever mix and he's just as soft as he looks.His hobbies include chasing birds, chasing squirrels and destroying cardboard boxes. Join us and maybe you'll find your own Zissou! 

To learn more about Seattle Humane and their mission, visit:


Redhook Brewlab: 
714 E Pike St. 
Seattle, WA 98122