Pride: Woodlands T-Dance with Lucas Flamefly

Verotica’s partner in enchantment Redhook Brewlab returns for their second annual pride block party. With the pulsating sounds of Spain's, Lucas Flamefly and intoxicating aroma of "Highly Verotic" wafting through the air, this incomparable duo is sure to lure you to their hidden hut on the hill.

As you make your way through the willowing towers on an unmarked trail, critters of the wild Dion Dior Black, Katya, Klaudya Markos, KUNGPOWMEOW and Miss Elle Crisis will be your guides, setting you back on track if you lose your way.

Wander too far off the beaten path and we’ll assume you’ve wondered through that infamous yellow door. Sorry boo, our woodland critters can’t help you in there 😘.

Pride Brewlab 2019