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Everything Redhook Knows In Life He Learned From Stripes.

Once, after college, Redhook brought two female coworkers back to his place. No, not for a threesome, although Redhook did take a crack at it. “Never stop dreaming.” That’s Redhook’s motto for the 21-and-over youth of today.

No, Redhook brought the ladies home so he could show them a rented VHS of one of his favorite movies ever: Stripes.

We’ve talked about this before, but for lots of dudes who grew up in the 80s, Stripes was part of The Guy’s Movie Triumvirate, which also includes Animal House and Caddyshack. Over the years, Redhook and his buddies have wasted lots of time lobbing Stripes quotes back and forth, like “You can’t go, all the plants are gonna die!” “Convicted? No, never convicted,” and “Well, that was interesting.” If you’ve seen the movie several dozen times, you know what we’re talking about.

After this particular screening, one of Redhook’s lady friends turned to him and said, “Oh my God! You’ve stolen your entire repertoire from this movie!” To this, Redhook says “stolen” is a strong word. Then again, if you’re gonna borrow comic stylings from someone, it might as well be Bill Murray.

The point of all this is, Redhook will be showing Stripes this Thursday, August 4, at Moonlight Cinema at the Woodinville Brewery and the weather’s supposed to rock.

You know the drill. Gates and beer taps open at 6 p.m, movie starts at dusk.

That’s the fact, Jack.



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