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Facial Hair, The Sequel

You may recall our post from a few weeks ago regarding the Seattle Beard and Stache Festival.

Well, February is coming to a close and, unfortunately, so is the Fest. If you missed any or all of it, you have one last chance. This Sunday at 7 p.m., the Fest is having its Closing Awards Gala at Rock Salt on Westlake and we’d love to see you there.

We’ll drink, we’ll dance, we’ll point and laugh at people, and we’ll find out how much money and food the teams raised for Treehouse. Plus, we’ll all see which hairy-faced individual wins the Redhook ESB Extra Special Beard Award “” a prize that includes an ESB tap handle trophy, 2 cases of ESB and 2 cases of Mudslinger.

Facial hair or not, come on out. The Stache Fest’s Closing Ceremonies promise to be a lot more fun than this weekend’s other closing ceremonies.

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