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FIFA, Dumb. Manute Bol, Awesome.

As Redhook and his mates watched yesterday’s World Cup matches, it became clear that FIFA must start using instant replay to review goals.

In the early match, England was denied a goal that was clearly over the line:

In the second match, Argentina was awarded a goal, even though the goal scorer was offside (note the Argentine player in blue behind the Mexican defenders in green):

This is totally uncool, of course. To have such blatant errors stand, even though we have the means to correct them, is unacceptable. FIFA’s charming response is that, rather than fix the issue, they will limit showing controversial replays at stadiums.

Whatever. It’s only sports. On to more important things.

Redhook has let too much time pass without acknowledging the passing of Manute Bol on June 19, two days after Kobe Bryant and the Lakers won their second straight NBA Championship.

Manute Bol averaged 8.6 blocks per 48 minute game.

Why bring up Kobe? Only to point out that even though he’s won five rings, an MVP trophy and is widely considered one of the greatest players of all time, he is not beloved. In fact, most people think Kobe is a d-bag. This face says it all:

The face of determination or jerkdom?

Manute Bol, on the other hand was beloved. He was pure good, devoting countless hours and every penny he had to helping the people of his native Sudan. It’s important to note that he died after getting sick on yet another trip to his homeland.

Human Goodnessâ„¢

Some of the stories we read about Manute Bol mentioned that he enjoyed a beer now and then. We hope that’s the case, because we’d like to raise a glass to him.

Manute, thanks for being a better person than the rest of us. Rest in peace.

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