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Herschel Walker Could Probably Beat Up Redhook

In our last post, we noted Herschel Walker’s service in the defunct USFL. It turns out, that reference couldn’t have been timelier, because on January 30, Herschel Walker won his MMA debut at “Strikeforce: Miami” at the age of 47. The cool thing is, if you read his various quotes, he’s amazingly humble and even sheepish about not wanting to turn MMA into a mockery.

Walker has had an amazing athletic career. He was a Heisman trophy winner, track star, Olympic bobsledder, USFL star and one of the most versatile backs, receivers and return men in NFL history. Unfortunately, what most people remember about Walker’s NFL career is what Minnesota gave up to get him from Dallas. Ultimately, they gave up five players and six draft choices, which helped Dallas build their 1990s Super Bowl dynasty. It’s generally considered one of the worst sports trades of all time.

That’s not quite fair to Walker who stands in eighth place on the NFL’s all-time Combined Net Yards list with 18,168 yards. And if you combine Walker’s USFL and NFL rushing totals, he’d have 13,787 yards, which would put him in fifth place on the NFL’s all time list.

If there are still haters in Minnesota, we would ask that you forgive Herschel. After all, it was your GM who made that trade. To those who can’t forgive him, we considered saying, “Enjoy watching the Saints on TV this Sunday,” but that would be snide and out of character for Redhook. Instead, we’ll simply raise a pint of Redhook to Herschel Walker “” Renaissance Athlete, good guy and 47-year-old butt kicker.

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