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If You Claim To Have Predicted This, You Are A Liar.

Bloghook isn’t a basketball blog, but the sheer awesomeness of the NCAA Tournament compels us to finish this thing out.

One half of the bracket actually makes sense. #1 seed Duke versus #2 seed West Virginia. The other half, #5 Michigan State versus #5 Butler, was not predicted by anyone. In fact, here’s another video that’s a wonderful metaphor for what Michigan State and Butler have done to brackets across the land:

Redhook could watch that video over and over again. Another thing Redhook could watch repeatedly? Duke losing. Why? Friends, that is the age-old question.

People who like Duke include their alumni and Dick Vitale. People who hate Duke include EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET. If you need reasons to justify your own disdain for Duke, simply Google “Why do people hate Duke?” Or click here, here, here or here. You’ll find you’re not alone.

If you think hating Duke is counter to the spirit of Liquid Goodness, think again. Duke fans thrive on being hated. It fuels their annoying arrogance, which in turn generates more hatred. It’s the circle of life.

As for Redhook, he will be rooting for West Virginia on Saturday and Monday. If WVU runs the table, Redhook will win his family bracket tournament for the third year in a row. The irritation this dominance causes his brothers delights Redhook to no end.

As for the other game, Redhook has no rooting interest. However, his good friend Erin is a Michigan State alumna, so he wishes her team the best of luck.

Have fun watching the games. And remember, there are only twenty-two days until the NFL Draft.

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