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Is Cheaters® Cheating on You?

Joey Greco. Champion of fidelity or charlatan?

Life is full of simple, magical pleasures. The laughter of a child. The first blossoms of springtime. A rainbow after a torrential downpour. But with all due respect to babies and Mother Nature, nothing compares to the boundless joy one can find in any given episode of Cheaters.

Cheaters is, perhaps, the most awesomely, horrible TV show ever created. It should be mandatory viewing for anyone having a bad week. No matter how awful your life seems, at least you’re not on Cheaters. Headed to prison? Lost your job? Contracted the Ebola virus? Cheer up, friend. You’re not on Cheaters.

The best part about Cheaters isn’t the surveillance or the fighting or the tears or the bleeped-out swear words. It’s the sanctimonious admonitions delivered by host Joey Greco to the cheaters in every episode. Joey can deliver a finger wagging, “How dare you?” better than any mother in America.

Unfortunately, in researching this post, Redhook discovered something that shook him to the very core. According to some reports, Cheaters is staged. Is nothing sacred?

Given that Inside Edition doesn’t have a ton more credibility than Cheaters, Redhook would prefer to keep believing Joey Greco is a beacon of integrity. Just like, pardon the clumsy segue, Redhook ESB.

Originally brewed in 1984, Redhook ESB is still impressing judges with its original brewing recipe twenty-six years later, including winning a Gold Medal at the 2009 Great American Beer Fest. How’s that for commitment? We think Joey would be proud.

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