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Like you had DEVO at your birthday party.

Redhook’s spent much of the past year celebrating his 30th birthday. Well, this coming Saturday, September 17, that yearlong celebration culminates with a giant bash at Redhook’s Woodinville brewery.

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Some people have punch and piñatas at their birthday parties. Redhook’s having beer, great food, dancing and awesome music from DEVO, The Psychedelic Furs, Tom Tom Club and Mitten.


Redhook will also be serving up a special brew he calls Extra Special Birthday Beer. ESBB recalls the banana-tinged flavor profile of the original Redhook Ale from the early 80s. If you were around and drinking back then, this’ll take you back. If you weren’t, well, you’ll just have to try it.

All the details for Redhook’s 30th Birthday Bash are here, but we’ll mention a few key details:

Tickets are $30 beforehand. $40 at the gate.
You can buy tickets at and at the Forecasters Public House in Woodinville
Gates open at 3 p.m. Music starts at 4:30.
21+ only.
Rain or shine.

Redhook’s 30th Birthday Bash should be a great time. Hope to see you there.

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  • Paulo3

    What is this “…No re-entry, No blankets, chairs, outside food/beverage” B.S.? So we’re all supposed to thand around in the rain for 6 hours? What a bunch of crap!

  • TKeen

    We were wondering the SAME thing! Seems odd to cough up $37 to be held hostage.

  • Ferry_tina

    And it would be really nice if someone from Redhook actually READ the blogs to take the time ot answer our fears…..explain the setup a bit better.

  • Redhook

    Hey all,

    Redhook here. The last thing I want is for my party to cause fear and rage. Hopefully, I can allay some of your concerns.

    We have a ton of tables and chairs at the Woodinville Brewery. Ideally, we’ll all spend most of the time on our feet dancing. But if you need to sit, you should be able to.

    We’ll also have a few tents for people to huddle in. The latest forecast looks like the rain might not come until Sunday, so we’re optimistic about that. Still, one of the best outdoor concerts Redhook ever saw was Robert Cray at Pier 62 in ’99. It rained throughout and it just added to the experience. Thousands of wet t-shirts may have had something to do with that.

    As for the no outside food and bev, the party is at the Brewery. Typically, you don’t bring food and beverage to a place that, well, serves food and beverage. Doesn’t seem to out of bounds.

    As for the no re-entry thing, blame the terrorists.

    Hope to see you there.


  • DaveS

    Where’s the parking for this? – Still don’t get the re-entry. Comeon. You can’t issue hand stamps or wrist ids?!

  • Deb G

    can’t wait! DEVO was my first concert, Paramount Theatre circa 1982 or 3. Hoping for Girl U Want and Get Stiff action today.

  • Deb G

    and by Get Stiff, I meant Be Stiff, of course. Freudian slip.

  • ferry_tina

    Thanks so much!
    I don’t see anything for or against cameras so I am assuming all that is “cool”?

  • Mrigler1

    Are we allowed to bring in small bags (like a daypack)? I’d bring a light raincoat or small umbrella.

  • DaveS

    Just stopped by to scout (and ask questions). No backpacks.


    What about parking? And cameras?

  • Perezrick007

    I went to this so called Birthday Bash, Just another MONEY making SHAM! $5 for one PINT!!!! $7 for a Sandwich!!! Get real, your a so called BREWERY, how much did a PINT cost in the 80′s? Will never participate in a so called B-DAY again!! You should THANK all of your CUSTOMERS for there loyalty in buying your BEER by passing on a Reasonable PRICE! GOOD LUCK!

  • Lisaepapp

    Great music! Great beer, although I agree the prices for beer and (mediocre) food were high and buying tokens to then buy food and beverages was a pain. Of course we had tokens left over and couldn’t redeem them for cash (another Redhook rule)…extra profits for Redhook. Very LAME…website and your blog post says No blankets and No chairs and, yet, some people with blankets and chairs were let in. What’s up with that? Lots of tables and chairs there…nope…not true. Tents to huddle under in the rain…also not true. Not really liking how Redhook handled the event. Luckily the music was great!

  • Lisa Rostalski

    Awesome party and very well organized. Thank you Redhook for the hangover today. Well worth it!

  • gizwiz

    Hey this was the most fun I’ve had in the rain in at LEAST 30 years.

  • Lisa Rostalski

    Hey Redhook, are you going to post the pics from the event online?

  • Lisa Rostalski

    Hey Redhook, are you going to post the pics from the event online?

  • Redhook

    Thanks to all who attended our Birthday Bash. We posted a great rain photo from DEVO’s set on our Facebook page. Here’s the link:

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