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Madden is at it again.

Madden NFL10

Despite retiring last April, it looks like John Madden is working as hard as ever. The latest installment of the famed sportscaster’s video game Madden NFL 10 comes out today. This one is slated to be the most realistic football simulation ever. Yes, this means even more realistic than Madden NFL 09. Features include Procedural Awareness that tracks your player’s head position, plus improvements to the realism of quarterback play, and an all-new Online Franchise mode. And in the event that you should ever need to leave the house, Madden NFL 10 can even link up with your iPhone.

You’d think Madden would get tired of programming all these games. After all, the guy is supposed to be enjoying retirement. When you think of retirement, you think of fishing. Not endless hours of slaving into the night with the developers at EA Sports, writing code until your fingers bleed. The fact that Madden puts out a new game every year is testament to how tough he still is. We definitely wouldn’t want to fight him. One head butt and you’d be wishing you hadn’t called him “pinky” to his face.

Madden 93

2010 brings new tackling physics, a robust online franchise mode and improved camera angles. John Madden's programming skills have definitely come a long way.

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