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Mmm. Mud.

You might be wondering why Redhook has posted something as dated and sexist as this mudwrestling scene.

For one thing, the scene is from Stripes, one of Redhook’s favorite movies from the 80s. For dudes over 35, Stripes is part of The Guy’s Triumvirate of Movies (the other two being Animal House and Caddyshack).

Some of you under 30 may be saying, “Dude. Those are movies my dad likes.” To that, Redhook says, “I’m under 30 too. Respect those who paved the way for you.” These movies are as beloved to a previous generation of dudes as, say, Old School or The Hangover are to you.

Anyway, enough History in Cinema. The other reason Redhook posted the mudwrestling scene is to honor the release of new Redhook Mudslinger. And by “new” we mean “old favorite.” Mudslinger is actually a re-release of Redhook’s beloved Nut Brown Ale. And just like Nut Brown was not made with nuts, Mudslinger is not made with mud.

On January 6, Redhook had a Mudslinger release party at its Woodinville Brewery. Early reports say that even though there was no mudslinging (literal or political) or mudwrestling, the party was a rager. We are investigating further.

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