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Mudslinger Wins Bronze at the World Beer Cup.

Well, well. It’s been a good year so far for Mudslinger Spring Ale.

First, it was born. Then it snagged the coveted position as Redhook’s seasonal Spring Ale (while Copperhook got kicked upstairs to full-time status). Then, this past week, it won a Bronze Medal at the 2010 World Beer Cup. Go ahead and click on that link and scroll down to Category 59: English-Style Brown Ale. We’ll wait.

(Whistling tunelessly while we wait for your page to load and you scroll down to Category 59 like we asked you to.)

See, we told you, Bronze Medal. We also have photographic evidence below:

Check out the proud look on Redhook Brewmaster Greg Deuhs’ face. And why not? Greg calls Mudslinger one of his favorite beers. Or as the Brits say, “Favourite.”

The only possible downside to this news is that you’ll have to sprint to your favorite grocer’s beer cooler if you want a case of Mudslinger. Come the end of April, it’s off the shelves until next January.

  • Krisha

    Please make Mudslinger a twelve monyh brew, it’s the best ale I have ever tasted.

  • Redhook

    Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll drop that in the brewmaster’s suggestion box.

  • Launa

    Ditto to Krisha suggestion – please don’t make us wait! Mudslinger Year Around!

  • Sminman56

    I recently bought a six-pack and loved this beer. It’s currently my favorite, but I don’t know where I bought it. I’ve looked everywhere I could think of. Now I see it’s gone until January. Please bring it back and make it a permanent beer. It’s delicious! I have one left and I plan to savor it tonight.

  • Stevieg3003

    My GF and I bought a half case a month ago and absolutely loved it!!! We’ve been looking for more and couldn’t find any……now I know why. January?? Are you kidding?? Please make this a year round beer!!!

  • Isitbeer30yet

    This is my all time favorite beer. Please bring it back. Would love if it was a year round brew. I bought 15 cases last spring and just finished my last one. Cant wait for it to come back.

    Nick ;-)


    Loved Mudslinger! Bring it back please.

  • david

    My vote is also for year-round availability. Probably my favorite beer.

  • Patshua

    This is my absolute favorite beer. With this one and Wit I am happy for most of the year.

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