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New and Improved Redhook Finder

Redhook Finder

The new Redhook finder is up, and it works great. Give it a try.

There are other less conventional ways of finding Redhook (seeing eye dog, dowsing rod, your uncle Forrest), but we’ve found that the Redhook finder is the most reliable. It will tell you exactly where you can find your favorite variety of Redhook on tap, or by the bottle.

Perhaps you’re looking for a Winterhook? Well too damn bad, you’ll have to wait until October. But let’s say you’re looking for a Slim Chance Light Ale. Ah, you’re in luck, because the Redhook finder will tell you every place within a hundred miles you can get your hands on one. And if you know the next zip code 100 miles over, your range will be extended to 200 miles.

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