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Ode to the Stache

February has no shortage of holidays and events. Some are worthy, like Presidents Day and Black History Month.

Some are of dubious value, like Valentine’s Day. And some are utterly worthless, like Groundhog Day. Did the groundhog see his shadow? Don’t care. Not cute anymore. Note: this does not refer to the 1993 Bill Murray film, which is outstanding.

Then there’s February’s Seattle Beard and Stache Festival. Lasting the entire month, the Festival has dance parties, karaoke, a scavenger hunt and beer drinking. Plus, it’s for a great cause. All month, teams will be collecting canned food for Treehouse, a wonderful organization that helps foster kids. Another cool thing? Redhook is a sponsor. We’re even kicking in for the ESB Extra Special Beard Award, which includes an ESB tap handle, two cases of ESB and two cases of Mudslinger.

[See comment below about how the food drive actually works.]

If you’re thinking about growing or grooming a moustache (Redhook prefers the British spelling) for the Fest, we suggest you consult the helpful chart below. Clearly, they’ve left a few off, including the Dali, the Pencil and Redhook’s fave, the Fu.

Lastly, it’s one thing to grow a moustache if you work in a particular industry or you’re participating in a fundraiser like Movember. It’s quite another thing when you commit to the stache without any sense of irony. That takes a special breed.

Redhook applauds these brave men who unapologetically sport the stache. Undoubtedly, we’ll see a few of them at the Festival. Hopefully, we’ll see you too.

  • Amy

    Correction: Beard & Stache Fest does not collect canned food – rather people vote on their favorite contestant be either voting online at or by visiting one of the 22 voting locations around Seattle and placing cash donations in the contestant’s can of their choice. 100% of the donations go to Treehouse helping foster kids of King County.

  • Redhook

    Thanks for that update on how the food drive actually works, Amy.

  • janet jocson

    I’ve heard of this festival and was told that it was worth the experience especially when they told me theres Karaoke singing. That is also why I keep doing my practice at singing here at home through my new phone app called Karaoke scheduler which allows me to sing privately hehe Looking forward to joining the next festival

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