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Pack your bags for the Great American Beer Fest.

Packing Redhook Diagram

As most guys can tell you, there’s an art to packing a suitcase. Less is more when it comes time to fly, especially with new weight restrictions on checked baggage. Items like hair dryers, extra shoes and the like not only take up space ““ they also aren’t that important when you’re headed to America’s largest beer festival.

With the Great American Beer Fest just 6 days away, Redhook has created this instructional primer to help you pack smarter. We’ve listed a few space-wasting items and along with some clever alternatives.

Space waster: Underwear. Substitution: Long Hammer Ale. A little-known fact about underwear is that it’s reversible. Turn it inside out and it’s as good as new. Or if you’re feeling bold, ditch the tighty-whities and hit the party like this guy.

Space waster: Running Shoes. Substitution: Slim Chance Ale. Packing a low-calorie ale is a great alternative to strenuous, time-consuming exercise.

Space waster: Sweater. Substitution: Late Harvest Ale. Just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean you need a bulky sweater. Bring a few bottles of Late Harvest and you’ll find the chilly, Colorado evenings aren’t really that bad.

Packing for the GABF

Fig. C: Here's how your bag should look after removing unnecessary items. A perfect example of efficiently maximizing your space.

See you at the Great American Beer Fest.

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