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PFD (Post Football Depression)

You’ve now had roughly a week to accept the fact that football season is over. For many, this is a painfully difficult time of year.

The end of football season can be a sea of loneliness

You could try to fill the void in your life by following the NFL Scouting Combine or by poring over countless, meaningless mock drafts. But, honestly, that’s a little sad. You’re not Mel Kiper. You need to find other interests. Here’s one for you.

There are other options. Come February, many football junkies shift their attention to spring training or the NBA. We even hear that several dozen people around the country start watching hockey.

For many people in Seattle, rooting for the NBA is problematic. We won’t belabor the issue, other than to say that the Supersonics were in Seattle for 40 years before a billionaire coffee baron sold them to a group from Oklahoma City.

Out of respect for Redhook’s hometown, we will ignore the fact that this is NBA All-Star weekend. No, we don’t care who won the dunk contest, so don’t try to tell us.

This year, thanks to the Winter Olympics, you have two extra weeks of distraction before deciding how to fill your post-football life. The Olympics have already been plagued with a tragic luge accident and snow issues. But that doesn’t mean the Olympics won’t still be great. One thing we’re looking forward to? Ice Dancing. If you have to ask why, you obviously missed Tanith Belbin last time around.

Tanith thinks you’re A-okay.

Good luck, Tanith. We’ll be watching you with our wives and girlfriends pretending to care about the artistry of it all.

And to the rest of you, remember, the NFL Draft is less than 10 short weeks away.

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