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Philandering Man Survives Femme Fatale

A lot of people go through nasty breakups. George Cascone’s ex-wife, Dorothy, was angry enough to try and hire someone to kill him.

Fortunately for all parties concerned, the hit man turned Dot in and George is now safe. In fact, we’re guessing he’s the most good-natured murder-for-hire target ever. Check it:

Some of our favorite George quotes:

“The part that insulted me the most is the fact that she was going to pay the hit man so little money”¦she should’ve paid at least $10,000. Two grand is not enough to get that work done.”

“She is psychotic, crazy, diabolical and evil. I mean Tiger Woods ain’t got nothing on me. She’s smashed up several of my cars.”

Speaking of Tiger, if you haven’t seen this reenactment of his infamous crash while fleeing from his angry wife , you really must.

Anyway, back to George. We’re not saying he’s a man of tremendous character. He’s cheater who likely sells crappy cars. But he does seem to roll with the punches well. And for that we say, “Buy That Murder-For-Hire Target A Redhook.”

Come to think of it, that sounds like an awesome idea for a game show.

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