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Recession-Proof Dinner Pairings

As you may have recently heard, we’re in a recession. Some of us have reacted to this news by switching to budget brand toilet paper, riding on bald tires or turning down our heat until the pipes burst. These are great ideas if you have a high pain threshold. But if you’re like Redhook, you’ll probably just cut back on luxuries to save money.

Which brings Redhook to his next point. Beer is not a luxury, at least not when you compare it to wine. Handcrafted ales are a good everyday alternative to vino, especially when you’re trying to make a financial comeback. A six-pack of Redhook costs about as much as a bargain bottle of wine, and you get nearly three times more brew for your buck.

As luck would have it, Redhook found himself on the wine aisle yesterday, searching through a dizzying array of labels. It was hard to make a food pairing decision based solely on claims such as “earthen tones that give way to subtle notes of oak,” or “a hint of tart raspberries.” Especially when it was coming from a $6 bottle of Shiraz.

If anything, Redhook felt like he could do better. So he made a list of some of his favorite food pairings and why he loves them:

Louisiana-Style Gumbo & Redhook Long Hammer

Gumbo & Long Hammer

Fragrant, hoppy India Pale Ales are best paired with foods that won’t be easily overpowered. Beef, spicy seafood dishes and rich sauces all balance nicely with Long Hammer IPA.

Hearty Beef Stew & Redhook ESB

Beef Stew & Redhook ESB

Redhook ESB and beef stew go together like beef jerky and pay-per-view wrestling. Perhaps even better. Redhook ESB’s toasted malt flavor and lightly sweet finish will help bring out the flavors in roasted beef, sharp cheeses and stews.

Spicy Fish Tacos & Redhook Slim Chance

Fish Tacos & Slim Chance

Tacos are so easy to prepare that even those of us with male anatomy can do it. Slim Chance is lighter in flavor and easy to drink, so it compliments just about any fish or spicy dish.

Blue Cheese Bruschetta & Redhook Belgian Tripel

Blue Cheese Bruschetta & Redhook Belgian Tripel

It only takes about 20 minutes to make a bruschetta plate, and it will impress the hell out of your guests. Especially if you serve it with a smallish tumbler of Redhook Tripel Belgian Style Ale. You’ll swear you’re in Brussels, especially when your guests start speaking Flemish after their second glass.

You can find more ideas for cooking with Redhook Ales by visiting Cook With Hook.

  • Tiffaney Soldner

    Crap. I had plans to cover this same topic next week. Now what am I supposed to write about?

  • Guest

    What happened to Slim Chance?

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