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Redhook Experiences the Blues

Redhook hopes you had a wonderful 4th of July. Nothing shows your love for America better than blowing up a little chunk of it with fireworks.

Sadly, Redhook spent much of his 4th abed, after a run in with some shady taco meat. This near run-in with death has left Redhook a tad emotional. Blue, you might say.

Taco spices are no match for tainted meat.

Yes, it may not be obvious, with the refreshing taste of Redhook Pilsner and all, but deep down Redhook’s always had a budding bluesman waiting to burst out. In fact, Redhook’s been a fan of the blues ever since his pappy showed him The Blues Brothers on VHS.

YouTube Preview Image

While Akroyd and Belushi taught Redhook a lot about comic timing, they didn’t necessarily give him a better understanding of playing the blues. Believe it or not, there’s more to it than strumming a guitar and singing about cheatin’ women and bad taco beef.

So rather than playing the blues poorly in some coffee shop, Redhook will instead be groovin’ to legit bluesmen at the Tacoma Old Town Blues Festival July 9 and 10. And he’ll be doing what he’s actually good at in the Redhook Beer Garden — pouring tasty beer. Fifteen local and regional blues artists will be there. Net proceeds from the event will be donated to the Breast Cancer Resource Center.

We stole this photo from the festival's website. Apparently, these guys played last year.

Cool music, delicious beer, great cause. Hope to see you there.


  • J. Guerami

    The beer is great, the new squaddy bottle sucks and the new label has no character. I am glad you guys didn’t make the recepie “More Better”.

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