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Redhook has a crush on La Niña.

For some reason, the wind and rain that hit Seattle earlier this week, coupled with the threat of an impending La Niña winter, reminded Redhook of this awesome footage from inside a cruise ship as it’s getting pounded by high seas.


Nice work, Neptune.

As for the coming La Niña weather system, the news folks are tending to dwell on the potential downside:

Redhook, of course, prefers to take a half-full look at things. To him, La Niña means a little of this:

And a lot of this:

Regardless of whether you plan on spending the upcoming months on the slopes, shoveling your driveway or just hiding out, Redhook Winterhook Ale is a great way to chase off the winter chill.

Make sure you try this year’s new recipe, brewed just for the winter of 2010-11. And remember, only men made of sugar are afraid of the rain.

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