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Redhook Is Man Enough To Salute The UConn Women

Lots of news this week. The UConn women’s basketball team ran their undefeated streak to 78-0 on their way to winning their second straight NCAA championship. Very impressive.

And yes, begrudgingly, we must report that the Duke men’s team eked out a victory over Butler on Monday. Alas, if only that last-second shot by Butler’s Gordon Hayward would have gone in:

Also, baseball is back. There’s lots of optimism around the Seattle Mariners this year. Here’s hoping that optimism will turn into about 95 wins and take the M’s into October. We’re big fans of Mike Sweeney. Nice to see a guy who’s nearly 37 years old swing a hot bat. Hopefully, he’ll get some PT.

What else? Well, to celebrate Tax Day, we’re introducing Rope Swing, a refreshing, new Summer Pilsner. Join us at the Forecasters Pub in Woodinville on Thursday, April 15 for our Rope Swing Release Party. If you’re getting a big refund, you can buy $2.50 pints for the house. If you owe big, you can drown your sorrows without draining your wallet.

Hope you can join us.

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