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Redhook Makes The Papers, Denies Any Wrongdoing.


Making the news can be a dubious honor. It’s either the fast track to fame or infamy. Or both. The Paris Hilton video comes to mind. Not that Redhook has any direct experience with that sort of thing he’d admit to.



Recently, Redhook heard from a friend that he’d ended up in the Los Angeles Times. Shocked, Redhook couldn’t recall being in LA over the past few weeks (he has a solid alibi and witnesses to back that up). Still, he had to check out the paper to see what was up. Turns out it was true:



According the beautiful people in LA, Redhook Pilsner is “an easygoing beer that would be comfortable with a lot of backyard snacks, particularly when they involve cheese. Basically, though, it’s a “session” beer for socializing.” Redhook won’t argue with that. He loves people and cheese.


People + cheese. Our Founding Fathers, immortalized in cheddar.


Summer’s crested its midpoint, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy Redhook Pilsner’s refreshing taste. Grab a case, have fun and, unless you’re saving orphans, try to keep your name out of the papers.



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