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Redhook Looks At The Future

Worst NCCA Men’s Basketball Final ever?

The utter failure of Redhook’s 2011 NCAA bracket confirmed that Redhook is no psychic. But it got Redhook thinking about the fascinating predictions futurists have made over the years.

Space age “nutrition cubes,” as seen on every sci-fi movie ever made.

Future Food
Food has always been a favorite topic for futurists. They invariably envision a future where humans consume scientifically engineered food cubes, as opposed to actual food. Along those lines, in the early 1960s, Pillsbury claimed to have collaborated with “U.S. Aerospace Research” to create a high energy food for space travel:

Apparently, Pillsbury believed people of the future would eat food that looked like a cross between a Slim-Jim and cat feces. Based on the looks of the energy bar Redhook brought to work today, they weren’t wrong.

Flush or eat?


Future Fashion
Redhook, admittedly, knows little about fashion. After all, his wardrobe is limited to a label. But clothing is a huge thing with futurists and, for some reason, they love the form fitting unitard. Not sure why. Can you imagine being trapped on a spaceship with these d-bags?


Future Entertainment
There’s a lot of hype around innovations like 3D TV, Ultra HDTV, and Augmented Reality. It seems futurists envision total immersion as the next frontier of entertainment. If you want Redhook’s advice, get up to speed on this stuff now. You don’t want to sound like the folks below did back in the mid-90s as they tried to describe this mysterious thing called “The Internet.”

One thing you don’t need to worry about? The future of Redhook. He will resist any and all efforts to convert his delicious nectar into space age cubes. Some things are best left as is.

Cheers to 30 years. And to the next 300 years.

  • jackson oates

    yeah, test this one out

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