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Redhook And Stadium Food.

With the NFL poised to kick off its 2010 season, Redhook thought it was important to share this ESPN report on the safety of stadium food from late July. In general, it’s horrible, awful news.

Just to be clear, while Redhook Ales complement a wide variety of foods, rodent poop, cockroaches and e-coli are not among them. Other items Redhook doesn’t go well with include human flesh and tofu flavored to taste like human flesh. Apologies to Jeffrey Dahmer, Hannibal Lecter and weird dude in the video below:

Fortunately, it’s not hard to find things that do go well with Redhook Ales. Here’s a handy list: chicken, fish, beef, lamb, pork, vegetables, fruit, bread, crackers, cheese, chocolate, breakfast cereal, soup, and tofu not flavored to taste like human flesh. In other words, pretty much everything on the food pyramid.

If you’re heading to a stadium this weekend, the ESPN report is all the more reason to pack your own tailgate party with food that’s not contaminated and lots of cold Redhook.

For other food pairing tips, check out the carousel of beers on Every beer has a suggested food pairing designed to not disgust you. Enjoy.

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