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Yet another thing Redhook goes well with: The Dan Patrick Show

Redhook goes well with lots of things. Pizza, barbecue, haute cuisine, rec league softball, lawn darts, chilling out, hooking up with people you’ve just met in some bar and, of course, playing, watching and talking about sports.

That’s why Redhook is so stoked about his new partnership with The Dan Patrick Show. Not because he wants to sleep with Dan after meeting him in some random bar, but because Redhook digs sports and loves Dan’s take on sports.

You know that witty, irreverent banter we pretty much all expect from sports anchors? Dan basically invented that style some 20 years ago back at ESPN. These days, Dan’s free and clear from “the worldwide leader” with his own nationwide radio and TV show and Redhook couldn’t be happier to be part of it.

Redhook will be on tap every day at The Dan Patrick Show bar. He’ll also be sponsoring Against the Grain, a weekly segment that challenges the conventional wisdom of big sports stories presented by Dan’s sidekick, Andrew “McLovin” Perloff. Plus, Redhook will be road-tripping with The Dan Patrick Show to the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis. And that only covers the next five months.

If you’re not already a regular listener of Dan’s show, click here to find the affiliate nearest you. And if you are, keep listening.


  • Joe Franks

    That looks fantastic

  • thenewbohemian

    Not sure about that design. Looks like a sport drink.

  • Smooth_to_Operate

    Red Hook ESB…no better beer on the planet and you can take that to the bank bitches!

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