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Redhook Prepares for Fantasy Kickoff.


The fantasy football season is fast approaching and Redhook is stoked. Week one will be upon us September 10th, and that’s just 30 days away for those of us crossing the days off our calendars. Yes, this includes Redhook.

The first sign things are heating up is when the fantasy gurus start putting out their predictions, and this year Sports Illustrated and ESPN are in agreement: both have Adrian Peterson and Michael Turner listed as #1 and #2 respectively. But where it gets interesting is a little further down the order.

Obviously, they both favor running backs in almost all their top spots, but has wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald in slot #6 and Andre Johnson in slot #10. You definitely want to draft a running back as your first pick if you can. But what if the running backs that you really wanted are taken, cause you got unlucky and ended up last? Well, don’t be afraid to go with a wide receiver as your first pick. Really, it’s okay. You can probably get a decent running back in the second round. And great wide receivers like Fitzgerald can pay off over the season. Plus, wide receivers tend not to get injured as much as running backs, because huge linemen aren’t piling on them.

So a great wide receiver just might be on your injured list less than, say, Adrian Peterson? Who knows. He enjoyed an injury free season last year. The guys who end up lucky enough to get him this year will have big smiles on their faces. But they’ll probably also have their fingers crossed behind their backs.

  • Adam W.

    What’s the deal with SI’s Top 200 list being different than their top position players in the actual printed magazine? In the August, 10th issue, they now have Michael Turner listed #5 but they still list him as #2 on their website.

    Apparently, they can’t make up their minds either.

  • Redhook

    Yeah, it seems strange to me. Apparently, the .com guys and the magazine guys don’t communicate very well. For what it’s worth, Turner seems to be more than a #5 pick to me. I’d be plenty happy to draft him.

  • Erik

    Redhook really needs to come back with fantasy football trash talk emails again!

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