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Redhook. The Official Craft Beer of Seattle Sounders FC.

It’s time for soccer.

Coaches, players and stadium PA announcers across America love offering platitudes like, “We have the best fans in the league!” They all say it and they’re almost always lying. Unless they’re talking about Seattle Sounders FC fans.

Sounders FC fans really are the best and it’s immediately apparent when you’re amongst them. They’re passionate, loud and very knowledgeable about soccer. Plus, Sounders FC has led the MLS in attendance two years running and has shattered MLS records for season ticket sales.

In a country that’s infamous for not giving a rip about soccer, these people actually do care.

It’s because of them that Redhook is so stoked to be the Official Craft Beer of Seattle Sounders FC. When people are willing to chant, sing and yell all game long (not to mention before and after), the least Redhook can do is soothe their scratchy throats with delicious, beery emollients.

Here’s to you, Sounders FC fans. Redhook is waiting for you at Qwest Field.



  • Taylor j. Eke


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