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Redhook does not spread lies.

Did you see this little blurb on Facebook or in an email and simply accept it as fact? Or worse, have you passed it on to others?

Well, it turns out, the 823 years thing is not true. Not even close, as the clever writer of this blog explains.

He says, the last time we had five Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in one October was eleven years ago. Not nearly as amazing. But thanks to the amount of BS on the Internet, we’ve probably all been guilty of forwarding incorrect info at one time or another.

Remember the “amazing satellite photos” of the Space Shuttle Columbia exploding?

Or how about the frozen Bigfoot photos? Pretty mind-blowing until we found out it was a hoax.

Still, even though the 823 years thing isn’t true, the fact that this October is packed with extra party nights is. We’re already past the first Friday-Saturday-Sunday combo. Don’t waste the four you have left.

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