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Redhook wants to show you his (new) package.

On March 14, Redhook is officially kicking off his year-long 30th birthday party by launching a new bottle and package design. Out is the longneck, in is our new shortneck. Plus, Redhook has a new label, six-pack and case design that’s more reflective of his hand-craftiness.

Now, lots of famous folks have changed their looks over the years, rarely for the better. Joan Rivers’ and Melanie Griffith’s plastic surgery issues are well-chronicled. But have you seen Kenny Rogers lately? Wow.

Looks like The Gambler went all in and lost. That can’t be good for the old site that was so popular years back. Kenny doesn’t even look like Kenny anymore.

Carrot Top has also made some interesting choices. And by “interesting,” we mean “horrifying.”

Once, he was a harmless, unfunny, red-haired prop comic doing 1-800-COLLECT commercials. Next thing you know, he’s a Killer Klown From Outer Space.

Starbucks also changed its logo this past year. Again. For what it’s worth, Redhook prefers the original logo where you can see the mermaid’s nipples. But, that’s just the kind of guy Redhook is. An art lover.

But let’s focus. We’re not talking about mermaid nipples today, we’re talking about Redhook’s package. And we’re amazed to report that even though the new bottle appears shorter, it still holds 12 glorious ounces of beery Redhook nectar. Yes, an optical illusion of deliciousness.

Look for the new Redhook bottles and cases in your grocer’s beer aisle and at bars everywhere. And start celebrating Redhook’s 30th birthday immediately.

Cheers to 30 years.


  • Lisa

    I HATE the short necks (but they’re slowly growing on me). But I do like the new pix on the inside of the caps. In one 12-pack, there was a single bottle that had a different picture on the TOP. It was the guy fishing, instead of the normal logo. Do I win a prize?

  • Redhook


    Glad to hear you’re coming around on my new bottle and that you took notice of our new cap art. For your prize, Redhook gives you a virtual French kiss. Nice work.

    Talk soon,

  • Danny

    Good men of Redhook: These new bottles are so freakin awesome! I laughed so hard the first time I saw them (but that’s just me and my weird sense of humor, so no offense.) I feel the new shape is a great fashion statement. Why look like everyone else, right? Same great beer; new, sexy looks.

  • Mike

    I LOVE the new bottles. They’re unique, totally awesome, and feel great in your hand. Keep ‘em around forever! Happy 30th guys!

  • RudeDog

    Way to keep it simple! After being around the block with way too many ales, you guys
    are still the best thorobred in my stable.Great bottle,great adult beverage inside!

  • RudeDog

    Way to keep it simple! After being around the block with way too many ales, you guys
    are still the best thorobred in my stable.Great bottle,great adult beverage inside!

  • Starkbound

    Redhook peeeple! Your new packaging is utter brilliance. I can honestly say I enjoy you beer MORE now that the packaging is so retro/fresh/unique/’sick’ – beach slang for freaking awesome!!!. I’m from the ‘O.C.’ here in So.Cal, and don’t want you to ever change this packaging. Cheers to 30 years and all these beers that bring me to tears cuz they is so fierce….

  • DannyBoy

    Love the Beer, hate the new bottles. Seems to cheapen the product, (remember Lucky Lager in the stubby brown bottles?) That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw your new “package”.
    I guess I’m a retro, long neck kind of guy…

  • Sfierz

    The new bottles are awesome. I like them. Easy to drink and hold, and they don’t get warm from holding them. Also, less packaging is needed in shipping. Keep it up!

  • Agoldade99

    Hey – we like the new bottles. Fit better in the cooler!!!!

  • Leif

    What the hell is on the bottle cap? Me nor any of us sittin’ around could figure it out. I looks kind of like a rock or a crashed rocket ship. Is that what it is?

  • steve

    I got a 12 pack with one different top cap? whats up with that? I happen to love the shorties and the beer. why are so many people hating on the bottle? pour it in a glass and shut up

  • S Fierz

    Actually, check out the new Wisecracker Wit in the new shorty bottles. Has to be one of the best summer beers going and the unique bottle is the icing on the cake!

  • Ruiz

    I think the bottles rock….as a matter of fact I prefer over the long necks. Delicious in either one. Wish i knew more about the inside the cap pictures.

  • rrandyman1

    Did anyone ever say what was on the bottlecap? I still can’t figure it out!

  • David Lawrence

    Under the bottle cap is a lobster….any significance for coupons, free ale etc…..?

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