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Redhook Will Be Getting Freaky at the Fremont Fair


The 2011 Summer Solstice is going down June 21, like it does pretty much every year.

If you’re like Redhook, you find the Summer Solstice bittersweet. On one hand, it’s the first day of Summer. On the other hand, it means every day that follows will be shorter, leading Seattleites on their inevitable march to short, dark, wet, cold December and January days.

Redhook's Wicca ex-girlfriend refers to the Solstice by its ancient name "Litha."
That might sound cute until you realize she also drank goat's blood.

Back to the good news. The Solstice generally coincides with one of Redhook’s favorite local annual events: the Fremont Fair, an extravaganza of the weird, wild and naked. Fremont’s neighborhood motto is “Delibertus Quirkus,” which requires little translation.

Vintage Redhook ad. Stuff like this literally happens every day in Fremont.

Redhook grew up in Fremont and the neighborhood’s eclectic nature certainly rubbed off on him. Hunter S. Thompson said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro,” and Redhook couldn’t agree more. There is no better time to revel in the outrageous than the Fremont Fair, a place where a parade of naked, painted cyclists is not just allowed, but downright encouraged.

This is the 24th year Redhook will be partnering/partying with the Fremont Fair and he couldn’t be more pumped. How often do you get to be part of a boozy, naked bike ride with hundreds of onlookers cheering you on? For Redhook it’s about once a month, but it’s nice when the event is officially sanctioned by city officials.

Mark June 18-19 down on your calendar. Redhook will be pouring ESB, IPA and his new Pilsner at the waterfront beer gardens. Plus, there will be tons of live music on the Redhook Main Stage.

See you there, naked or not (preferably naked though).


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