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Redhook’s Fantasy Football Woes

The mayhem in this video illustrates how Redhook’s fantasy football season is going. Not well at all, despite Redhook having Chris Johnson and Andre Johnson on his team.

To use a word coined by Deion Sanders, it’s been a shebacle. At 4-5, Redhook has only four weeks to right his ship and make the playoffs.

As for the video up top, Curtis from Marketing informed us that this fight is fake. “Muay Thai is very well regulated,” he said with a shake of his head. “There’s no way a legit Muay Thai ref would allow a sanctioned fight to go on after one fighter bashed the other with the metal tray.” Thanks for spoiling the fun, Curtis.

Lastly, even though the football season is half over, we thought we’d share some Redhook football field desktop wallpaper. You can download it in three sizes, whatever best suits your monitor: 1280×800, 1440×900 or 1920×1200. Thanks to Andrew from Minneapolis for creating and sending this.

Have fun this weekend. Enjoy the fall weather, the football and the Liquid Goodness of Redhook.

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