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The Redhook Sasquatch Road Trip

Redhook’s road tripping it to The Gorge this Memorial Day Weekend for the 11th Sasquatch Festival to party with 107.7 The End at the Gorge Campground.


There are much, much worse places to see live music.

Sasquatch gets more humongous every year. This year, it’ll have over 13o bands, performers and comedy acts on five different stages. How big is too big? Guess we’ll find out.


Redhook's road trip RV will be similar to the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle from Stripes, minus the missles and flamethrower.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Say, this Sasquatch thing sounds fun. I should go,” you’re totally SOL. Actually, that’s not completely true. You have until 11:59 PDT on Wednesday, May 23 to win two 4-day passes with camping. If you don’t win, then you’re SOL. So hurry and enter already.


For some reason, as Redhook packed for Sasquatch, he couldn’t help but think back to when he was a kid and saw the Six Million Dollar Man fight Bigfoot. Back then, Redhook thought the Six Million Dollar Man was the coolest show ever. Seeing it again now, Redhook has no idea why:


Hopefully, you have your tickets to Sasquatch. And hopefully, unlike in the video above, no one gets his arm ripped off.

Tickets or not, have a great Memorial Day Weekend.





  • Kelsdonaldson

    I was at your campsite in Sasquatch and met the random hitcher you picked up. He was so beautiful. Did you by chance get any pics of him? My friends won’t believe that a non-creepy hitchhiker does exist!

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