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Sex and the City (of Woodinville)

Hey guys, pay attention. Redhook is going to give you a crash course in Jimmy Choo high heels and rent-controlled apartments. Not because you want to know this stuff, but because this Thursday is Ladies Night at Redhook Moonlight Cinema and we’re showing Sex and the City (the movie). Don’t think of it as a long episode of the TV show your ex always made you watch. This is an opportunity along the lines of free flowing beer and a possible 5:1 ratio of lovely ladies per lucky man. Assuming you don’t show up in overalls, stinking of manure, you’re going to be surrounded by chicks. But here’s the catch: you’ll be exposed as a genuine cad if you don’t know anything about the movie.

That said, fear not, fellow guys. Redhook has provided you a five-minute study guide to give you passable knowledge of a show you probably caught half an episode of during the seven years it was on.

Sex in the City ran on HBO from 1998-2004. It was based on the fictional sex lives of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda ““ four friends with dissimilar yet interconnected personalities who live in New York City.

Carrie: leader of the pack, writer and fashionista. She’s the fearless yet sensitive narrator of the show and writer of the fictional advice column Sex in the City.
Bonus Points: Carrie’s biggest weakness (besides men) is shoes, specifically by designer Jimmy Choo.

Samantha: every guy’s cougar fantasy, she’ll try anything at least once. Including sleep with male models for sport and discuss her exploits over dirty martinis.
Bonus Points: Samantha always forgets her underwear while escaping from one night stands.

Charlotte: the traditional one, always searching for her knight in shining armor. She’s an art dealer and former straight-A student from a wealthy Connecticut family ““ and the polar opposite of Samantha.
Bonus Points: She was married to Trey ““ but due to his inability to father children, they divorced. She’s remarried to Harry at the start of the movie.

Miranda: the workaholic lawyer with cynical views about men, she’s the voice of reason in the group ““ until she becomes unexpectedly pregnant by her on/off boyfriend Steve.
Bonus Points: Magda, Miranda’s housekeeper/nanny, finds her vibrator and replaces it with a statue of the Virgin Mary.

One last bit of advice. If you find yourself in over your head when it comes to Sex and the City trivia, don’t worry. It’s never impolite to duck away and return bearing a fresh glass of Redhook for her.

  • Bonier

    Say what you want, I’ve never been a big fan…

  • kurye

    Sex and the City (of Woodinville) « Redhook Blog great article thank you.

  • Hayden Robertson

    Are they not going to change the cast of Sex and The City ? the girls in there are getting old already.,`~

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