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Spoiler Alert: Big Ballard IPA

Redhook remembers the first time he realized what a “spoiler” was. He was about seven years old and was watching Superman: The Movie with Christopher Reeve on his parents’ Laserdisc player.

About halfway through the movie, Redhook’s jerky big brother walks in and says, [ACTUAL SPOILER ALERT] “This is awesome. Lois dies at the end and then Superman gets mad and flies around the Earth really fast and reverses its rotation so it spins backward and then they all go back in time 20 minutes and Lois comes back to life and then Superman captures the bad guys.” [END OF SPOILER]

After totally ruining the movie, Redhook’s brother plopped down on the couch and ate all of Redhook’s popcorn. Not cool.

In a similar spoiler-esque fashion, it seems word has leaked out about a little surprise we’d had planned for late Spring: the release of Big Ballard IPA.

Much like Superman reversing the rotation of the Earth, Big Ballard IPA takes us on a journey back in time, hearkening back to our early roots in an old Ballard transmission shop where we first brewed Ballard Bitter.

Big Ballard IPA is, as the name says, big and hoppy with robust 8.6% ABV. We can’t wait to unveil it at our release party “” which is not at any of the venues that have been reported, btw. Where will the party be held? Stay tuned. We’ll let you know when the time comes.

  • Daniel Peterson

    Instead of a beer “inspired by” Ballard Bitter, couldn’t you please brew the real thing again? Redhook IPA, Longhammer and this (although I just had this last night, and it’s pretty good) are not it. I miss the original!

  • Alexander Holder

    What happened to Ballard Bitter? I used to drink it when I lived in Seattle and I loved it.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, please resume making Ballard Bitter. It was one of the two or three best IPA’s in the country. I no longer live in Seattle, and Long Hammer and ESB seem to be the only Red Hook labels that are sold in other areas.

    Ballard Bitter was the best!!

  • CornoMusic

    It’s amazing the first two brews by Redhook only justified 30% of their capacity and when Ballard Bitter came out they became immediately popular. So much that they went to full capacity and had to get new and bigger equipment. They later changed the recipe and then removed the recipe altogether.

    Luckily, I was visiting Red Hook in 1986 and was surprised they would give me the recipe when I half jokingly asked. Although I can’t use their proprietary yeast strain I can come pretty close. I miss the original also and I would buy much more Red Hook product and I would encourage friends to support Arde Hook also, if the original was still made.

  • Pappy Seymour

    PLEASE………..start brewing the original Ballard Bitters again, I was drinking it back when IPAs were few and far between and Yeah, “I’m sure I’d betcha” it could hold it’s own against all the premium IPAs that are out there today………..and I sure would like to try it again for the first time !!!

  • John

    installed the Electrical Power metering for this converted garage way back in the early 80′s while working for Seattle City Light. I remember thinking that “this place will be out of out of business before year’s end”. Guess that is why I was an electrician and not an entrepreneur…lol

  • DrOmed

    I too miss the original Ballard Bitters. I drank it in Denver in the late eighties early nineties. It was my favorite beer, the one I gave myself as a treat.

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