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The Table Saw. Now with Less Amputation.

Redhook could totally fix this.

For many dudes, the arrival of Spring brings tons of house projects — some self-directed, some part of the dreaded honey-do list.

The cool thing is, most major projects usually involve power tools. The downside is, power tools maim tens of thousands of people every year. As proof, here’s a random chart Redhook grabbed off the internet:



Fortunately, according to USA Today, “The Consumer Product Safety Commission wants to stop daily table saw amputations.” How thoughtful of them.


Now, while Redhook loves his tools, he has no interest in losing digits. Anyone who has ever used a table saw, mitre saw or chainsaw has either gotten hurt or had a close call that made him say, “Holy crap! I almost lost my _____!”
(fill in appropriate body part)


That’s why Redhook was so stoked to see this video for SawStop the other day. He’d heard about smart blades before, but had never seen one in action. Here, the inventor is so confident in the technology, he puts his own finger against the spinning blade. Arrrgghh! Nope.

YouTube Preview Image


Very cool. Redhook has no problem admitting he doesn’t have the huevos to deliberately test the blade like that. And no, you shouldn’t either. We repeat: DO NOT try this and DO NOT send us videos of you trying it.

Alright then. Enjoy Spring and enjoy reclaiming your manhood via power tools. Try to keep your digits intact. And, please, wait until you’re done with the table saw before cracking open a cold one.



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