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Tebowing meets Tebeering.

Tebowing has gone so viral, even players who tackle Tim Tebow have gotten caught up in the phenomenon. The scene above took place yesterday when Detroit linebacker Stephen Tulloch struck the pose after sacking poor Tim.


In case you haven’t heard about the phenomenon sweeping America, Redhook wanted to loop you in. According to the website, Tebowing is a verb that means: “to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.” Dan Patrick and the guys have been talking about it a lot on his show and it’s well on its way to supplanting planking as a true internet sensation.


The whole thing is, of course, based on Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow, who is famous for both his athletic prowess and his strong religious faith. Tim likes to pray after he scores a touchdown. Tobowers apparently pray when they’re buying groceries, waiting for luggage, putting their toddlers to bed, alphabetizing their DVD collections, keeping airplanes safe for travel, or pretty much anything else.


Redhook would love to see your take on Tebowing, with one small addition: how you’d incorporate a tasty Redhook beer into the pose. We’ll call it Tebeering. Whether you go high with your Redhook against the head or have your Redhook hanging low, that’s up to you. Just don’t spill it.


Here’s a photo sent in by two Seattle-area marketing professionals. Thanks, ladies. Nice to know you’re allowed to drink at work.

Feel free to submit your Tebeering photos to the Redhook Blog or to Redhook’s Facebook page. Cheers and Happy Halloween.



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