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The Glorious Light of Football Is Upon Us.

We all go through dark periods in our lives. A difficult breakup. The loss of a job. The death of a loved one.

For many men, the end of football season is equally bleak. Thankfully, that sad time is now over.

As always, there are lots of great storylines. Will the Cardinals compete without Kurt Warner? Can the Steelers win their first four games without Ben “Can I buy you college girls a drink?” Roethlisberger? Can Cowboys receiver Miles Austin keep his game face now that he’s dating Kim Kardashian?

Everyone expects Indy, New Orleans, Green Bay, Baltimore and Minnesota to rise to the top as the season rolls on. We’ll see if that holds true. As for Redhook, he’s totally stoked about the new NFL season.

For one thing, he got Chris Johnson in his fantasy draft. And although Johnson can’t possibly match last year’s numbers, he should still be pretty solid. For another, even though the Seahawks still don’t have an offensive line or a running game, they’ll at least help us turn the page on the Mariners’ dismal season. Cheers to football.

  • Laura

    This website has been loading really slowly for me lately. I thought it might be my cell phone but my friend visits your pages too and she has the same problem. Any ideas?

  • Redhook

    I’ve asked around and haven’t heard of widespread loading issues. But I’ll double check with the guys in IT.


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