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The Halloween Double Standard

Sexy Cat Costume

With Halloween just one day away, Redhook is aware that many of you are resigned to handing out candy to snot-nosed brats instead of going to a costume party. This is most likely because you are a dude. Grown men feel at least a little dumb when they dress up, look in the mirror and see Dracula. If you don’t, you’re probably reading too many Twilight novels.

Ah, but notice how Redhook didn’t say grown women. That’s because of the Halloween Costume Double Standard: for every Halloween costume that makes a man look like a cowboy, a cop or a chimney sweep, there’s a sexy female version that makes her look smoking hot.

Please don’t get mad at Redhook for being sexist. He’s just stating the plainly obvious. Maybe you can go as a pirate for Halloween, but your sister can go as a sexy pirate. Go ahead and try dressing as a bunny rabbit on Halloween night ““ you run a good risk of being shot at with a pellet rifle. But if a woman does it? Well, then it’s sexy. If you need any further proof, take a look at these contrasting images:

Construction Workers

Alright, so this guy isn’t exactly GQ material. But even if he were, no man would be caught dead in those shorts. It’s just harder for a guy to pull off sexy in a Halloween costume.

Redhook didn’t invent the double standard, but he does think it makes Halloween a lot more fun when he’s judging a costume contest. With that said, he’d like to invite one and all to his Haunted Brewery Bash this Friday night. There will be live music, a DJ and prizes for the very best costumes.

Another great thing about the Haunted Brewery Bash is that by the end of the night, everyone looks sexy. Especially if you’re the guy who’s selflessly volunteered to haul a carload of grown-up girl scouts home from the party. Designated drivers can be very sexy indeed.

Redhook Haunted Brewery Bash 2009

  • DenzelWbog

    Hello there, Hey! How are you? Happy late Halloween! :D!!

  • Andy

    Washington is quite a bit away, but it sounds like it would have been a good time. I was still able to enjoy a good Doubleblack Stout though. Athens, Ohio is famous for its own little Halloween party.

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