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The Importance of Being Goodest

Redhook took an ethics class in college. While the majority of the course was spent trying not to laugh every time his professor said, “Kant,” Redhook was able to take away one fundamental tenet: The Golden Rule “” often summarized as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

In modern language, that translates to “Be nice and don’t be a douchbag.” The creators of the video below use creepy animation and tuneless warbling to extend that thought to our insect brethren:

Many songs follow a verse, chorus, verse format. This one follows a verse, verse, verse, verse, verse, verse, verse, verse, verse, verse, verse format, with a tiny bridge thrown in for grins. Hopefully, you watched it and learned something. And hopefully, your own father didn’t run around the house with pendulous breasts and a loosely-fitting loincloth.

Redhook wholeheartedly endorses inter-species harmony, mainly because it makes for great photo ops. Where would the internet be without countless cute photos like the one below? Probably filled with even more porn.

Interestingly, this kind of ear-licking doesn’t translate well among humans. Whenever man tries to settle a dispute with his fists, it usually leads to some form of epic failure:

As for Redhook, he knows violence is never the answer unless zombies are involved. He isn’t perfect, but tries his best to deliver his own version of The Golden Rule in the form of Liquid Goodness.

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