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The Last Decent Sporting Event For Months

We’ll keep this short. It’s time for Redhook to weigh in on the biggest game of the year. But who to pick? We’re deeply torn.

On one hand, it’s tough to pick against Indy. They could be 18-0 at this point had they not laid down in their last two games, much to the displeasure of purists.

They also have Peyton Manning, potentially the best quarterback in history, and a pretty funny actor, to boot.

Then again, you’d have to be a horrible human being to root against New Orleans after all that town has been through. Plus, they’re the highest scoring team in the league. And as an added bonus, Reggie Bush is dating Kim Kardashian. So that’s pretty cool. During the game, we predict a cutaway or two to Kim’s luxury box. No, that’s not a euphemism.

Gratuitous photo of Kim Kardashian

After much back and forth, we couldn’t decide which team to pick. But we were totally intrigued by the Over/Under, which sat at 56.5 points at press time. We’re taking the over, which means we’re hoping to see a shootout.

Easy there, Gambler. Don’t take that as a recommendation. This is not a gambling site or a football site. Redhook plays nickel slots in Vegas and he finished 4th in his fantasy league, so what does he know? Also, Redhook’s legal department completely frowns on gambling.

Have fun, drive safely and enjoy the game.

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