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The Legend of John Lowe

The Master at Work.

The year was 1984. The most popular show on TV was Dynasty. Redhook had just released a new IPA called “Ballard Bitter.” And Mr. John Lowe, aka “Old Stoneface” captured the world’s imagination by throwing the perfect 9-dart game of 501.

Most of us think of darts as a pub game played by amateurs. But not John Lowe. He bloody well made it an art form. Throwing a perfect 9-dart game is the equivalent of a hole-in-one in golf. But in this video, John Lowe makes it look easy as kidney pie.

Known as the Gentleman of the game, Lowe was renowned for his sportsmanship, often in contrast to his rivals. His steady hand can probably be attributed to millions of hours practice. However, according to one online biography, Lowe “did consume alcohol onstage when liquor was still permitted in the game.”

What, no beer permitted? Kind of puts a damper on Redhook’s aspirations of going pro.

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