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The Year Of Copperhook

Copperhook has always inspired a loyal following. In fact, Redhook has one lady friend who, while recovering in the hospital after an operation, demanded and received a chilled Copperhook. We applaud her commitment, even if the on-duty nurse did not.

The only problem with Copperhook is that, for years, it was merely a seasonal Spring Ale. Not anymore. Copperhook is now available year-round on the West Coast out of our Woodinville Brewery. That’s right, Redhook now offers Copperhook Copper Ale, twelve months a year.

With this exciting news, Redhook wonders, “What other things would make life better were they year-round?” Skiers might say, “Snow.” And pretty much everyone else might say, “Warm weather.” But the truth is, you can already ski year-round at Timberline Lodge in Oregon. As for sun, look into San Diego, Hawaii and Mexico. We hear they’re nice.

Year-round football. Now, that would be life-changing. Sadly, we already blew our chance with the USFL back in the 1980s. It was a league with mega-stars like Herschel Walker, Jim Kelly and Steve Young. Then Donald Trump ruined everything. At least that’s what the film Small Potatoes: Who Killed The USFL? suggests.

Sex is another thing that would be great year-round. Not literally having sex 24/7/365. That would be exhausting and possibly injurious. Just more regularly and more often would be nice. If you’ve ever hit a long dry spell (like, say, your wife just had a baby), you know what we’re talking about.

There are lots of research studies that measure frequency of having sex by country. Not sure how reliable these studies are, but someone made a chart, so it must be true.

Appparently, Greece and Brazil are the places to be. The USA? Less so.

Year-round Cadbury Mini Eggs would also be amazing. If you haven’t tried them, they rule. Unfortunately, they’re only available around Easter. Then again, maybe their scarcity is for the best. Redhook has been known to wipe out an entire bag over the course of two days. Let’s hope that Cadbury’s sale to Kraft doesn’t kill this product.

One last note. For the millions of Bloghook readers on the East Coast, we must point out that Copperhook is still a seasonal ale in that remote region of the world. We have plans to rectify that in the future. In the meantime, enjoy Copperhook while it’s out. After that, you’ll just have to come out west for your Copperhook fix. See you then.

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